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Nava Semel, an internationally acclaimed creator from Israel, attained in her novel the best amount of art. She presents the readers an incredible interesting story, which grips us to our roots, even very long right after we complete reading through it.

Classes are exhibited at the bottom of every site. Should you click on the types, the dialog for enhancing groups will open up.[four]

נא הבהר לי כי אמור לי בלשכה שאין כזה דבר פטור. ופטור הוא תמיד דחיה . אז מה עלי לעשות? אמרו שכך תמיד היה .

אנשים תעזרו לי אפשר דרכיי התמודדות וטיפים לפרידה קשה וכואבת?

Just how to modify amongst the Visible enhancing mode plus the wikitext enhancing mode is currently dependable. You will find there's drop-down menu that demonstrates the two choices. That is now exactly the same in desktop and cellular Internet modifying, and within things which embed enhancing, like Stream. [12]

In the event you created this file, please Be aware that the fact that it's been proposed for deletion does not always necessarily mean that we do not worth your variety contribution. It simply just ensures that 1 particular person believes that there is some certain dilemma with it, like a copyright challenge.

hello, my friend. How is it likely. We havent chatted for a while and I used to be just urious regarding your progress and what your upcoming notion will probably be. Thanks!

File:Judean_Desert_IMG_1904.JPG has actually been shown at Commons:Deletion requests so the community can discuss regardless of whether it ought to be retained or not. We would recognize it if you may go to voice your viewpoint concerning this at its entry.

קבלתי פטור מאגרה בהוצאה לפועל ולא דחיה ( כמו שבדקתי אחרי שענית לי לשאלה ואמר תלי לבדוק)


Remember to don't forget to answer and – if proper – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which concentrate on the nominator will not affect the results of the nomination. Thanks!

You should bear in mind to respond to and – if ideal – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator is not going to have an effect on the result of the nomination. get more info Thank you!

motive + signature for uncontroversal deletions like unused have graphic, misnamed cats.

My issues: one. how can all the stamps be restored? two. In keeping with this w:he:ויקיפדיה:זכויות יוצרים#מותר ללא הגבלה Israeli stamps are PD, is there a necessity for further clarification on this issue?

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